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Business and Accounting software for contractors, consultancies, small and medium businesses. All current and future applications included in the monthly price.

What is Finaxial ?

Finaxial is ready to use cloud based accounting solution, which takes business transactions and produces your accounting. Simple to use, with integrated invoicing which makes sure you do not miss out on income. Finaxial is fully scalable, and is ready to accomodate growth of your business.

Finaxial believes in innovation to help everyone!

What do you mean by ALL current and future applications are included?

Finaxial is an integrated solution which consists of many different business and accounting applications, all are integrated and work together seamlessly, without you needing to do any setup.

No matter which price plan you choose, Finaxial will include ALL current applications and any new application released in future for ALL clients at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

How does Finaxial pricing work?

Finaxial price plan works in a similar way to mobile phone price plans.

Select a price plan, this provides an inclusive amount of transactions, files and users:

  • Transactions are activities undertaken within Finaxial
  • Files are pdf, word-processing, spreadsheet or any other document uploaded to Finaxial
  • User are the number of people who can sign in and use Finaxial
If you need more transactions, files or users in a month you can buy a bolt-on, or pay a little extra for the extra usage. Just like a mobile phone. Upgrade or downgrade the price plans on a monthly basis to suit your needs. With price plans starting from £10 per month, there is a price plan to suit everyone.

To help you get started, ALL our price plans have unlimited usage for the first 3 months.

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