Finaxial was founded to enable our clients to succeed. We believe in innovation to help everyone, clear pricing and a first class service.

We believe that business of all sizes should have access to business and accounting solutions which enable them to focus on running their business. ERP platforms have been used by multinationals for decaeds to increase their competitive advantage and reduce time on acccoutning and administrative activities. Finaxial brings the ERP capabilities to small and medium businesses.

We will be adding more capabilities to Finaxial and all our clients will have access to all these capabilities included within any of the selected price plans.

Paying for usage means that you have low fixed cost, the difference Finaxial brings is the capability to scale. We run on Amazon Cloud, bringing the security and reliability of a global brand and the innovation from Finaxial.

Lee Millar

Founder and CEO

E-mail: Lee.Millar@finaxial.co.uk

Lee has worked as an accountant for the last 20 years for some of the prestigeous global accounting and consulting businesses.

Dilip Baliarsingh

Founder and CTO

Email: Dilip.Baliarsingh@finaxial.co.uk

Prior to founding Finaxial Dilip spent over 20 years developing and advising on technology to some of the worlds largest organisations.