Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to understand the incredible benefits you can get from our solution, and to answer an questions and remove any concerns.  We have pulled together some Frequently Asked Questions, feel free to contact us if you have any other or further questions.  We are always on-hand to help.

What is Finaxial ?

Finaxial is a fully integrated ready to use contractor management and accounting solution.  Our solution replaces the traditional requirement to use separate tools/providers for accounting, business management, bank management & reconciliation.

Usable on any device (computer, tablet, or phone) using any operating system, our solution runs on the cloud and stores your data securely, reducing risk of data loss.

Finaxial provides integration and ready to use applications for:

  • timesheet
  • expenses
  • invoicing
  • bank statement & reconciliation
  • payroll (salary, bonus and dividend; calculates your NI and tax liability)
  • accounting (general ledger, accounting rules and accounting adjustments)
Who can use Finaxial ?
  • Finaxial is suitable for any contractor working in any industry.
  • Finaxial is suitable for single or multi-person contractor companies.
  • Finaxial is suitable for multi-companies, multi-projects and multi-users.
In which countries is Finaxial available ?

Finaxial can be used anywhere in the world there is a wifi or web connection, we have pre-configured the solution for United Kingdom accounting and tax rules.

In the future we will be extending Finaxial for other jurisdictions, if you are keen on using Finaxial in your geographical location let us know.

Does Finaxial hold my payment details (credit card / debit card or other) ?

No, finaxial uses the Paypal Braintree payments gateway.  This means all your data relating to payments is held by Paypal Braintree and is fully secured.

Are we PCI compliant ?

Yes, we are PCI compliant.  We use the Paypal Braintree payment gateway which provides PCI compliance.  Always ensure anyone who handles your credit card payments are PCI compliant.

Pricing faq?

Finaxial price plans operate in the same way as mobile phone price plans. Choose the amount of transactions, files and users required then use Finaxial as per your usage.